Sunday, January 07, 2007

Winterveil festival in Tanaris

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stick 'em up!

Crixikuhn and Jackshaftoe are shown here in the bank in Stormwind.
Jack must have had a guilty conscience or something.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

They call me evil?

One day as we were traveling the world, we found ourselves in Astranaar, Ashenvale, far far away from Gnomeregan, on the other side of the world! It was beautiful, despite the infestation of not dead yet creatures.

While running thru town I met a pretty night elf hunter, with whom I had a long and delightful conversation. I gave her a healthstone to remember me by but she was sad as she parted from me. Aparently, she had asked the "Lords" of her guild if she could invite me, but they declined as they determined I was evil.

Me? Evil? Cute, yes. Funny at times. But evil?

Well, I guess they may take offense at my habit of draining my enemy's soul to store in my bags for later use. But those souls sure do come in handy.

Sprocket said nothing, but he is usually the quiet one among us. I doubt he thinks I'm evil.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We should be dancing, yeah?

Here we are dancing a little victory jig on a tomb in southwestern Ashenvale. We had just killed the evil man and his minions.

From left to right, me (Crixikuhn), Zinospy, Grak'Garath, and Jackshaftoe. I think Sprocket was tapping his foot waiting for us off screen.

Here I am on one of my many adventures on that wonderful contraption we've built. I heard that my great grandfather helped with the design and blasting the tunnel. If he were here, I'd like to ask him about the underwater part...

Crixikuhn and Sprocket on the way to the tram

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, hello there!

I am Crixikuhn, a gnome warlock often in the company of Jackshaftoe, a gnome mage, Zinospy, a dwarf rogue, and my faithful pet mechanical squirrel, Sprocket. Together we take on impossible odds and live to tell about it! Well, sometimes we're a bit worse for the wear, but we never give up, and we never surrender. Run away perhaps... but never surrender!